Varanasi – On the banks of the Ganges

Varanasi ” the great Hindu city also known as Banaras, Stretches along the crescent of  River Ganges, its water front dominated by long flights of stone Ghats where thousands of Pilgrims come for their ritual ablutions.

Kashi– city of Lights, founded by lord Shiva – Varanasi is the oldest living cities in the world maintained its religious life science the sixth century BC.

Varanasi is among the holiest of all Tirthas ” crossing places”, that allow the devotee access to the divine and enable gods and goddesses to come down to earth. it has attracted pilgrims, seekers, Sanyasis and student of Veda.

its believed anyone who dies in Varanasi attains instant Moksha or Enlightment

The Ghats:- The Great Riverbanks at Varanasi built high with eighteen and nineteenth century pavilions and places, temples and terraces. 
at Ghats pilgrims come by early morning Bath, Brahmin Priest offering  Puja and people practicing Meditations and Yoga
Hindus Regards the Ganges as Amrit, the elixir of life which bring purity to the living and salvation to death. 
there is several Ghats and each Ghats having their own specialty.

Assi Ghats:- Pilgrims bath prior to Worshiping at huge lingam under a peepal tree sacred tree.

Hanuman Ghat:- is the site of a new temple built by the large south Indian community.

Harishchandra Ghat, is one of Varanasi Varanasi’s cremation also called burning Ghat

Kedarnath Ghat:- Mythodologicaly related to Kedarnath in the Himalayas, Kedar and its Ghat become a hive of activity during the sacred mouth of Sravana, the mouth of the rains.

Dashaswamedh Ghat :- The second and busiest of five Tirthas. This Ghats is Varanasi’s most popular and accessible Bathing ghat rows of Pandas sitting of wooden platform under bamboo umbrella. 
Its Name- Ten Horse scarifies” derives from a complex series of secrifies performed by Lord Brahma to test king Divodasa.

Manikarnika Ghat :- Lord Shiva is regarded as Mahashamshana . the great cremation ground. The Ghat is perpetually crowded with funeral parties , as well as the doms.


#Kashi Vishwanatha:- Jyotirling shrine
The temple is most famous Hindu Temples dedicated to Lrd Shiva and is one the twelve Jyotirlings Shrines. The name Vishvanath means ruler of The Universe. Varanasi is alos called by Kashi hence temple called #Kashi Vishwanatha Temple.

 Mata Mandir :- The temple Bharat Mata ” Mother of India ” inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi ( Father of Nation).

Durga Temple :- nineteenth century temple dedicated to Goddess Durga, 
The whole temple ensemble is best seen from across Durga Kuand. it is devoted to Durga., the terrifying aspect of Shivas Consort, Parvati and the emmbodiment of #Shakti , Female Energy.

Tulasi Manas Mandir:- Built in 1964 of white streaked marble its wall are inscribed with verses by the poet and author of the #Ramcharitmans , The Great Hindu Sanskrit Epic #Ramayana.

Sarnath is a place of pilgrims for Buddhists. it was in a quite grove, in the sixteen century BC Siddhartha who came to be know as the Buddha – gave his first sermon and set in motion the ” wheel of Low” the #Dharm Chakra

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